Expert Defense for Firearm & Explosive Offences

Firearm and explosive offences rank among the most serious under Malaysian law. Involvement in such cases demands an attorney with a deep understanding of the legal landscape and an unwavering commitment to their client’s rights. Dato’ Sheelan Arjunan stands tall as a foremost expert in this intricate realm. His unmatched knowledge, combined with years of experience in defending such high-stake cases, ensures the representation you receive is second to none. Beyond the intricacies of the law, Sheelan Arjunan understands the gravity of the situation, the implications of a conviction, and the need for discretion. In an area of law fraught with complexities, Dato’ Sheelan’s approach is clear: a rigorous defense, a meticulous strategy, and an unyielding commitment to the client’s best interests. With stakes as high as these, you need the assurance and prowess that only Dato’ Sheelan can offer.

Areas of Expertise:

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